Our Treasure the Market – Hunyadi square

Our Treasure the Market – Hunyadi square group was formed in the summer of 2007 of residents of the 6th district in Budapest and other market goers. Our aim is to make sure locals can participate in shaping the local government’s plans regarding Hunyadi square, the market hall and the farmers’ market. We want to keep the last open air market of the downtown. We are a civic group independent of parties.

We have mobilised the residents, collected signatures for our petition, prevented the market from disappearing, participated in planning sessions. We have organised exhibitions to popularise markets and organised other local events. We speak for the importance of farmers markets and market halls on different forums in Budapest, in the country and abroad.

We have established close contacts with the producers – we visit and blog about their gardens and products, assist them in introducing less known vegetables and herbs, local varieties and try to inspire them to use more sustainable methods.

web: www.lmv.hu/hunyadi
e-mail: hunyaditer@gmail.com